Audacity For Podcasting (and non-podcasters, too!)

You can create professional sounding audio. Learn how, step by step in this course.


Audacity For Podcasting Reviews


Choose the level that fits your needs

Videos Included in the Bachelor’s Level Course

  1. Course Intro
  2. Download and Install Audacity
  3. A Quick Overview of Audacity
  4. Open, Import, Save, and Export Functions
  5. Record, Copy, Cut, Paste Functions
  6. Overview of the Edit Menu – Part 1
  7. Overview of the Edit Menu – Part 2
  8. Overview of the View Menu
  9. Creating a Voice-Over
  10. How To Use Fast-Play
  11. Selection Tips and Tricks to Make Things Easier
  12. Split Cut – Split Delete – Silence – Trim (all helpful functions)
  13. The Append Record Function
  14. Using the Leveler Effect
  15. The Noise Removal Effect
  16. Using the Compression Effect
  17. Overdub: What Is It and How Does It Work
  18. Working With Multiple Tracks In A Project


Here’s the videos inside the Master’s Level Course

  1. Develop Your Editing Philosophy
  2. Why Good Headphones Are So Important
  3. Good Editing Uses The Ears And The Eyes
  4. Setting Up A Basic Template To Save Time
  5. A More Complicated Template
  6. The Power of Understanding WAV Form Structures
  7. Use the Zoom Tool for Better Edits
  8. Proper Use of the Solo and Mute Buttons
  9. An Easy Clip Editing Trick
  10. Mouth Sounds – What They Are and What to Do About Them
  11. Remove Filler Words in a Sentence and Add Extra Space to Make It Sound Natural
  12. Dealing With Pauses, “Ummmms” and “Uhhhhs
  13. Keeping It Natural Even Though You Edit Out Stuff
  14. A Tip for Dealing With Repeated Words or Phrases (stutters)
  15. Repeated Phrase Editing
  16. Labels and Label Editing Using Sync-Lock


Here’s the Videos Inside the Doctoral Level Course

  1. Create Your Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Sync Two Tracks – Otherwise Known As A “Double Ender”
  3. Fixing Drops In Skype Calls
  4. What To Do About Speaker Feedback In the Recording
  5. How To Edit Cross-Talk Between Two People
  6. Remove Pops or Bumps – the Draw Tool
  7. How To Remove Harsh “S” Sounds (The D-Esser Plugin I Use)
  8. How To Make a Short Piece of Music Longer
  9. Split Track Basics
  10. Split Track Background Noise – How to Edit It Out
  11. Split Track Editing Mistakes – I Make Them, So Will You!
  12. Split Tracks – Mix and Render Issues You Might Face
  13. Split Tracks – Last Steps to Ensure Everything Is OK
  14. The Software Play-Through Function
  15. Editing An Entire Podcast – Part 1
  16. Editing An Entire Podcast – Part 2
  17. Tagging Your mp3 Files


You get EVERYTHING in the other three modules